Initial ServSafe CFPM Course & Proctored ServSafe CFPM Exam

Initial ServSafe CFPM Certification

Initial ServSafe CFPM Course (Coursebook, 8-hr class, Proctored CFPM Exam)

  • Price: $175.00

MN CFPM Renewal Certificate Course (4-CEUs)

FSG 4-CEUs Renewal Class

This 4-hour class meets or exceeds requirements to earn the 4-CEUs necessary for renewal of the MN CFPM Registration. The FSG Renewal Certificate is issued at class.

  • Price: $90.00

Proctored CFPM Exam & ServSafe Coursebook

ServSafe Coursebook & Proctored CFPM Exam

ServSafe CFPM Coursebook & Proctored CFPM Exam (no class time).

  • Price: $130.00

Proctored ServSafe CFPM Exam

Proctored ServSafe CFPM Exam

Proctored ServSafe CFPM Exam - intial test or re-test

  • Price: $90.00

ServSafe CFPM Coursebook

ServSafe CFPM Coursebook (no exam answer sheet)

ServSafe CFPM Coursebook only - no ServSafe CFPM Exam Answer Sheet.

  • Price: $45.00

ServSafe Coursebook - including CFPM Exam Answer Sheet

ServSafe Coursebook with CFPM Exam Answer Sheet

ServSafe CFPM Coursebook which includes one answer sheet for the ServSafe CFPM Certification Exam.

  • Price: $75.00