(USA) Initial ServSafe® Course Key and Exam Access Code

(1) Key for the Online ServSafe® Food Manager Course, (1) Online Exam Access Code.

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive (1) Key for the Online ServSafe® Food Manager Course offered through ServSafe.com via the email address you list when you register with us.

Once you have received the Key, proceed to ServSafe.com and sign-in to your current ServSafe account (or create a new ServSafe.com account for yourself). Once signed-in to ServSafe.com you will be able to enter the Key to access the Online ServSafe® Food Manager Course. You have 90-days from the point of initial activation to complete the online course.

Once you have completed the online course you must arrange for proctoring services that are local to you. Access possible ServSafe Proctors, dates and pricing for services on ServSafe.com.

(CA) Initial ServSafe® Course Key; Proctored Exam w/ Access Code
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